Mangrove Reforestation



VidaMarina is a De La Toba family initiative focused on scientific tourism, mangrove reforestation, and citizen science activities in López Mateos and Cabo San Lázaro. This project involves various activities in collaboration with different civil society organizations from Baja California Sur.


For five generations, the De la Toba family has served as lighthouse keepers in Cabo San Lázaro, overseeing the 40km stretch of beach between their home and the lighthouse.

The family quickly recognized that there were, and continue to be, frequent sightings of wild animals on this stretch of beach. Similarly, they realized that the mangroves in the area had suffered the consequences of harmful fishing practices and inappropriate land use.

These two observations, and their proactive nature, dedicated work ethic, ecological values, and proximity to the beach, have resulted in their involvement in environmental projects.

The first environmental project they participate in is aiding research institutions, museums, and civil society organizations, such as Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias, GESI, CIBNOR, and PROFEPA, in their data collection efforts for scientific research.

Five years ago, the family recognized an opportunity to involve tourists in these activities, impulsing them to acquire the necessary permits for scientific tourism activities. Presently, they successfully welcome tourists as observers in the scientific monitoring of sea turtles and contribute to their conservation efforts.

The second environmental project they participated in stemmed from observing the ecological deterioration of mangrove forests.

Since De la Toba family has always recognized the importance of this ecosystem for years, they voluntarily undertook the cleaning and reforestation of the area in 2015. In 2019, they connected with the Burgoin family in Laguna San Ignacio, who shared similar interests and activities in the region. The collaboration of these two families laid the groundwork for obtaining permits to handle mangroves as a protected ecosystem and conducting the first planting of red mangroves.

Through their initiatives, the De La Toba family aims to inspire and engage community members, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental conservation and encouraging active participation in preserving the natural environment.


The De la Toba family is dedicated to inspiring and engaging community members, aiming to deepen their understanding of environmental conservation and promote active participation in preserving the natural environment.
They seek to establish scientific monitoring of sea turtles as a tourism activity. This initiative will contribute to conserving these magnificent creatures, provide a platform to promote their tourism services and raise awareness about the importance of sea turtle conservation among tourists and visitors.
Thanks to the income generated by their environmental projects, reduce the pressure on their fishing activities as the primary source of income, and thus also reduce sea turtle bycatch.


The Mares Comunidad team has accompanied the De la Toba family in the following ways:

  1. Project diagnosis: A collaborative analysis of their project has been conducted, identifying areas for improvement and valuable insights to optimize their operations.
  2. Financial support: We have provided the De la Toba family financial assistance. This support has enabled them to invest in the necessary materials and resources for the success of their projects.
  3. Fiscal intermediation: Our team members have acted as fiscal intermediaries, assisting the De la Toba family in accessing additional financing sources and exploring alternative funding options to expand their financial opportunities.

The Mares Comunidad project remains committed to supporting Vida Marina's journey toward the success and sustainability of its initiatives.


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