Pachico's Ecotours


Pachico's Ecotours is a family-operated ecotourism company founded by the Mayoral Aguilar family. It is the first and only 100% local tour company in Laguna San Ignacio, recognized as one of the world's best whale-watching sites. They specialize in conducting tours focused on gray whales, offering a unique and authentic experience.

This family has formed a valuable alliance with Ecotourtugas, helping to promote their scientific monitoring of sea turtles.


The Mayoral Aguilar family holds an essential place in the history of Laguna San Ignacio as one of the founding families.

Historically, gray whales were hunted in Laguna San Ignacio, and relationships between humans and whales mostly conflicted. In 1972, Pachico Mayoral, a local fisherman, had a remarkable and friendly encounter with a Pacific Gray whale, marking the beginning of a legend in the whale-watching industry.

Inspired by this encounter, Pachico started organizing whale trips, offering visitors the opportunity to witness these majestic creatures up close. After Pachico's passing, the family decided to carry on his legacy. Today, all direct descendants actively contribute to the operations of Pachico's Ecotours.

Despite being pioneers in their community, the family faces challenges due to location. They are situated farthest from the whale sighting area compared to newer ecotourism companies backed by foreign investments. This geographical disadvantage results in higher costs for gasoline and transportation, while they are forced to maintain competitive prices with other tourism companies (as part of the tourist company agreement).

Nevertheless, Pachico's Ecotours remains the only regional tourism company with 100% local investments and employees. Their commitment to preserving their community's heritage and offering authentic and meaningful experiences distinguishes them as a unique and valuable presence in the ecotourism industry.


Pachico's Ecotours is actively working towards diversifying its services to enhance its competitiveness among other regional ecotourism companies.
Their key focus is establishing alliances with other community members who share their commitment to environmental conservation, for example, Ecotourtugas and Balejimajawi. By collaborating with these allies, Pachico's Ecotours aims to support and promote their activities, particularly in scientific ecotourism involving sea turtles and the vital undertaking of mangrove reforestation.


Mares Comunidad supports Pachico's Ecotours, recognizing the significant value and benefits of bolstering the local economy of fishing communities through activities that reduce the reliance on fishing as the sole source of income.

By strengthening a 100% local company like Pachico's Ecotours, we uphold the roots, origins, and local history deeply intertwined with the community.

This support ensures the preservation of the unique cultural heritage associated with the region. It enables the continuation of sustainable practices that align with environmental conservation and community development principles.

The Mares Comunidad team has accompanied the Mayoral Aguilar family in their endeavor to strengthen Pachico's Ecotours in the following ways:

  1. Project diagnosis: A collaborative analysis of their project has been conducted, where areas for improvement and offering valuable insights to optimize their operations have been identified.
  2. Financial support: Recognizing the importance of adequate resources, we have provided financial assistance to the Mayoral Aguilar family. This support has enabled them to invest in necessary materials and resources for the success of their ecotourism project.
  3. Production of photos and videos: We have helped the Mayoral Aguilar family capture captivating photos and videos to promote their activities and increase bookings. These visual materials serve as powerful marketing tools, showcasing the unique experiences offered by their ecotourism company and activities.
  4. Project management in Protected Natural Areas workshop: Recognizing the unique requirements and opportunities within Protected Natural Areas, we have organized specialized seminars on project management. These seminars have provided the communities with valuable insights and tools to effectively plan and execute their initiatives while ensuring the preservation and sustainability of these natural areas.

The Mares Comunidad project remains committed to supporting Pachico's Ecotours in their journey toward a successful and sustainable ecotourism initiative.


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