What is Ecotourtugas?

Ecotourtugas is an ecotourism project that invites tourists to participate as observers in the scientific monitoring of sea turtles.

Funded by the Burgoins, a fisher family in Laguna San Ignacio, it aims to promote the protection of sea turtles while generating an alternative income source to fishing for their family and their community.

How did Ecotourtugas come to be?

The Burgoin family has been an active ally in protecting sea turtles for the last decade.

Their conservation activities started when they envisioned generating a new sustainable tourism activity in the region: the sighting of sea turtles.

To realize their vision, in 2013, the Burgoin family reached out to one of our collaborators, Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias, a 25-year-old civil society organization working in the conservation of sea turtles in the Mexican Pacific, to be part of the sea turtle conservation efforts in Baja California Sur.

Through their collaboration with Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias, the Burgoin family learned how to carry out scientific sea turtle monitoring. Simultaneously, the family complemented the activity with their local ecological knowledge of the land, ocean, and species.

Throughout the years, while gaining experience in the scientific monitoring of sea turtles, their vision of constituting a scientific ecotourism microenterprise continued to take shape.

In 2020 they acquired the necessary support to obtain and manage their tourism permits and launched their operations in 2021.

Today, the Burgoin family is a constituted fishing and scientific ecotourism microenterprise that has continued to be vital in the conservation efforts for sea turtles in Baja California Sur.

The Burgoin family has also formed alliances with other local families, like Pachico's Ecotours, to exchange knowledge and collaborate in sustainable activities that benefit them, their families, their communities, and the sea turtles.

What is their main goal?

Through their efforts, the Burgoin family hopes to build alternative livelihoods and strengthen the community fabric by offering economic alternatives to fishing.

How has MarES Comunidad supported Ecotourtugas?

The Mares Comunidad team has accompanied the Burgoin family in their endeavor to enhance Ecotourtugas in the following way:

  1. Project diagnosis: A collaborative analysis of their project has been conducted, where areas for improvement and valuable insights to optimize their operations have been identified.
  2. Financial support: Recognizing the importance of adequate resources, we have provided financial assistance to the Burgoin family. This support has enabled them to invest in necessary materials and resources for the success of their ecotourism project.
  3. Fiscal intermediation: Our team members have acted as fiscal intermediaries, making it easier for the Burgoin family to access additional sources of financing. In the same way, we have supported them to continue finding new financing opportunities.
  4. Visual identity enhancement: We have worked closely with the Burgoin family to enhance the visual identity of Ecotourtugas. By improving their branding and overall presentation, we have helped them create a more compelling and engaging experience for their visitors.
  5. Photos and video production: We have helped the Burgoin family capture captivating photos and videos to promote their activities and increase bookings. These visual materials serve as powerful marketing tools, showcasing the unique experiences that Ecotourtugas offers.
  6. Website creation: Recognizing the importance of having an online presence, we have co-created, with the Burgoin family, the Ecotourtugas website. This platform shows the activities, provides information, and facilitates tour bookings.
  7. Project management in Protected Natural Areas workshop: Recognizing the unique requirements and opportunities within Protected Natural Areas, we have organized specialized seminars on project management. These seminars have provided the communities with valuable insights and tools to effectively plan and execute their initiatives while ensuring the preservation and sustainability of these natural areas.

The Mares Comunidad project remains committed to supporting Ecotourtugas in their journey toward a successful and sustainable ecotourism initiative.


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